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What dentists are saying about Pearl

Dr. Kunal Patel from Loveteeth Dental demonstrates how he uses Second Opinion® in his day-to-day practice and explains how AI has revolutionized case presentation across his practices.

Praveen Mathew - Mathai Dental

It would be hard to work without Pearl’s Second Opinion AI!!

I have been using Pearl’s Second Opinion for the last 4 months and my experience has been a positive one.

It has been useful, particularly in explaining to the patient the extent of decay in their teeth and patients seem to appreciate and comprehend it better than a clinician trying to explain things on a black-and-white x-ray.

From a clinician's point of view in managing carious lesions, particularly the RA3 lesion, it has been very helpful in standardising care and documentation.

— Praveen Mathew, General Dentist, Taupo, New Zealand